Friday, 19 April 2013

Harlosh and Wiay, Skye: April 2013

Our fourth Easter trip to Skye. This year the weather held so it was time to look at sea cliff scenery that hadn't been accessible to us before.
Firstly a trip around Wiay island in Loch Bracadale. I've only seen it from Ullinish before, where the vertical cliffs around Talisker, Wiay and Harlosh give the area a remote, daunting feel. This time, the winds were slight and there was a medium but friendly swell heading into Loch Bracadale to add excitement.
We went to Harlosh Island first, on the cliff side, where sea urchins clustered together above and just below the waterline. What is the collective noun for sea urchins? A lurchin?


There were some interesting cliffs at the sheltered side of Harlosh Island...

We headed across 2km of Loch Bracadale to Wiay. The sea was quite lumpy on the exposed side as the swell came straight into Loch Bracadale. But around the more sheltered landward side was a lovely arch ...

In hindsight we should really have headed back to Harlosh via Tarner island because it looked like there were some good caves to explore. But back at Harlosh island we headed to a lovely white beach...
From here it was a quick paddle back to Camas Ban bay on Skye where we had started. A great first trip of the week, albeit with poor light conditions for photography. Not that we were complaining!

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